by Mark Engler

“The first thing to note is the sheer hypocrisy of the right-wing revulsion.  Back when we were debating the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, conservatives repeatedly rallied to assert that those making $250,000 per year were not at all rich.  Among other absurdities, their apologetics produced the audacious spectacle of a University of Chicago professor with a household income of more than $450,000 per year complaining about how he is just barely getting by, noting that he and his wife ‘occasionally eat out but with a baby sitter, these nights take a toll on our budget.’

Fox News types worked overtime to back up such sob stories from those they dubbed the ‘so-called rich.’  On the very same program where the right-wingers decried hotel workers’ $60,000 pay as a ‘nightmare’ (Varney & Co.), analyst Chris Cotter previously asserted that, if you’re ‘in New York or San Francisco,’ living on $250,000 is ‘very, very tough.'”