by John Del Signore

“‘Let me tell you what should also be of concern to you,’ Kelly said to Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito,according to the Observer.  ’96 percent of the shooting victims in this city are people of color.  90 percent of the murder victims are people of color . . . .  What I haven’t heard is any solution to the violence problem in these communities.  People are upset about being stopped, yet what is the answer?  What have you said about how we stop this violence?  What do leaders of the communities of color say?  What is their tactic and strategy to get guns off the street?  Don’t tell me ‘a gun buy-back program.’

Earlier in the hearing, Kelly had touted the gun buy-back program as an NYPD success story, so it seems strange that he would later dismiss it.  Councilmember Jumaane Williams, who has been one of the most impassioned critics of stop-and-frisk (and was wearing a ‘no stop-and-frisk’ button at the hearing), told Kelly, ‘You poo pooed gun buyback programs.  I had one in November, 85 guns off the street, one tenth of what you did with 700,000 stop question and frisks.’”

Follow-up article with video is here.