by Joseph Goldstein

“One plaintiff is James E. Griffin, a former detective with the 83rd Precinct, who called Internal Affairs in 2005 about a fellow officer who he believed was trying to frame him in an internal inquiry into a homicide case that his squad had mishandled.

“Within a month, Mr. Griffin said, he found the word ‘rat’ scrawled on his locker.  Another detective called him a coward and threatened to write that Mr. Griffin was a rat on every chalkboard in the building, the lawsuit claims.

“He was told not to come to his detective squad’s Christmas party, and his money for it was refunded.

“In the squad room, colleagues switched desks to sit farther from him.  Many stopped making eye contact with him, he said in an interview.  Nobody would work with him, which affected his cases, because detectives are required to be accompanied by a partner on investigations.”